Home Maintenance List You Should Follow

A house is the most expensive investment you’re going to have ever. So it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that it’s well-maintained. There would be time and labor spent to make sure that the house is in good shape. Keeping up with regular home maintenance task is laborious, but it’s going to be worth it.  


You should keep a list of the maintenance tasks that you should do, especially if you just got your new home. It’s going to be a long list, but it will pay off. Repairs and replacement are costly, so better to do the following task than to spend lots of money. Do what works for you, and you can call Honolulu handyman for any assistance.  

  1. Monthly Task 

Maintenance tasks don’t have to be done every day. First, inspect your HVAC system. Change the filters if possible. If you don’t have children or pets, you can change the filters every 2 months. But if you have a big family, change it monthly. Next, clean the kitchen sink. The best way to do this is by putting vinegar in ice tray, let it freeze and run the cubes in the sink. Third, clean the hood filters. You can use the degreaser and mix it with hot water. Finally, inspect the fire extinguishers. Many people overlooked this, but an inspection won’t take that much time.  

  1. Quarterly Task 

One every months, you should check the smoke detectors. If the alarm sound is good, you’re good to go. But if it doesn’t work, replace the batteries and try again. Next, test the garage door especially if it has auto-reverse feature. This is important to avoid injuries and even deaths. Third, try to flush the toilets in the unused spaces. Not all spaces are used up, especially the guestrooms, so check the bathroom if everything works fine.  

  1. Biannual Task 

Once every six months, you should check the pressure relief valve of your water heater. Doing this will prevent the mineral to build-up and it also helps to maintain the heater’s efficiency. Second, do a general and deep cleaning in your house. Clean the floors, windows, appliances and many more. Doing this twice a year will help prevent the dust from building up especially in the places not reached during every day cleaning. Third, replace the batteries in the smoke detectors. Lastly, vacuum the coils of your fridge. The coils get dirty overtime so check it every 6 months.  

  1. Annual Task 

There are many tasks that you can do once a year. During spring, make sure to check the exterior drainage, clean the gutters, check the HVAC system, inspect the house’s exterior and many more. During summer, check the grouts in the kitchen and bathroom. Inspect leaks, repair the patio if needed, clean the garage and clean the exhaust vents. During the fall season, get the heating system ready, get the chimney cleaned and buy winter gear. Finally during winter season, check the place for ice dams, test the electricity and tighten knobs and handles.  

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